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Times: Sunday School 9:45am, Sunday Morning 11:00am, Sunday Evening: 5:30pm, Wednesday Evening: 7:00pm. See Calendar for more.

The Church School was inspected by Estyn, Her Majesty’s Inspectorate for Education and Training in Wales, during February 2016.


Here's some of what the inspection report said:


"Pupils across the school are well motivated and fully engage with their learning. Most pupils work at a standard in line with or above their age and appropriate to their ability. As they move through the school, pupils extend their knowledge and understanding well."


"Standards of pupils’ wellbeing are strong. Pupils have a secure understanding of the importance of healthy living and eating. They participate enthusiastically in a suitable range of physical activities."


"The school’s curriculum fully meets the requirements of the Independent School Standards (Wales) Regulations 2003. The school’s curriculum aims are clearly set out within the framework of the Christian ethos of the school. The curriculum is broad and balanced and meets the needs of all learners well."


"The quality of teaching has a positive impact on the good standards that pupils achieve. All teachers have strong and supportive working relationships with pupils. This helps to create a purposeful working atmosphere that supports pupils’ learning particularly well."


"The school promotes pupils’ spiritual, moral, social and cultural development particularly well. Learning experiences and daily acts of worship help pupils to reflect in a worthwhile way on their lives and beliefs. Effective opportunities exist to encourage pupils’ involvement in the life of the church and the wider community."


"The school is a very caring community where pupils and staff have a strong sense of mutual respect. Pupils value the opinions of others and there is a high level of trust and appreciation between staff and pupils. This helps the school to promote pupils’ learning and their social development particularly well."


"The school is a cohesive community, in which the governing body, staff, pupils and parents share a common vision and purpose based on Christian values, successfully underpinning all aspects of school life. Together, they have a strong sense of purpose, which is driven by high aspirations for pupils to achieve their best and the expectation that they will do this. This makes a very positive contribution to the high standards that pupils achieve and their consistently good behaviour."



School Inspection Report

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