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Times:  Sunday Morning 10:30am, Sunday Evening: 5:30pm

Our story

The practical implications of our secession from the Presbyterian Church of Wales in 1968 were costly. We had to vacate both buildings and, for some years, endure all the considerable drawbacks of not having our own building to worship in. This meant that we met in various local schools for a period. God heard our cries, and by a very remarkable providence, we were enabled to purchase land on Michaelston Road and to build a new church on it.


Under the ministry of Reverend Donald Hooper, and several other gifted men, who joined our church, the cause at Michaelston Road grew. We were eventually enabled to buy back our building and land. Subsequently Mount Pleasant was re-named, finally adopting today’s name Ely Presbyterian Church (Reformed). The church grew so that by 1991 there were about 200 officers and members.


There were many highlights. In 1974 we established a church school entirely funded by ourselves and this is the case today.  We enjoyed good fellowship and spent many camping holidays together.  In order to more conveniently work out our love for one another, we moved to an area in or close to Michaelston Ely.


In 1978 we began to build our present House of God on the same site, adjacent to the existing church building, mainly using skills within our community. In 1980 the new redbrick building was consecrated and put into use, and the old church building was converted into the Church School.