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Times:  Sunday Morning 10:30am, Sunday Evening: 5:30pm

Ely Presbyterian Church (Reformed) was planted in 1927 as a mission church by the Forward Movement of the Presbyterian Church of Wales/Calvinistic Methodist Church of Wales.


In 1968 we became an independent Presbyterian church and in 1974 our Church School was established. Our testimony is that God has been good to us over all these years.


You are warmly welcome to join us at any of our public services, as we gather to worship God and enjoy fellowship together. Children are also invited to attend our Sunday School, which caters for all school-age children. We would love to meet you, if you’d like to know more, feel free to get in touch.



What does it mean that we are ‘Reformed’

and ‘Presbyterian’?


We call ourselves Reformed because we trace our heritage back to the world changing events of 16th Century European Reformation, and the teachings of men such as John Calvin.


We are Presbyterian because we follow the Bible teaching that the church should be ruled by elders, men who are called and gifted to serve, guide and care for Christ’s church, for whom He died.





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